Over the last few years, fatalities and injury rates caused by motor vehicles have risen dangerously in all major countries of the world. Put together, road accidents take more lives every year than the World War did several decades ago! While you are not always in control of those really scary situations on the highway, it is certainly up to you to drive responsibly and eliminate the possibility of a ‘personal’ fault. So here are top 10 safe driving tips
for you and we hope that you follow them strictly if not for yourself then for your loved ones. Drive safe!

10. 远离恶劣的司机 Stay away from bad drivers: On the road, it is very important that you keep an eye on those rash and arrogant drivers. Really, there are many! If someone jumps the lane or overtakes your vehicle in a wrong way, you ought to keep your calm. Maintain some distance from such drivers. Even after knowing all the safe driving tips you still need to stay a safe distance from these freaks on the road.

9. 了解你的车 Know your car:A large number of people just don’t know about the various features their cars have. Make sure you go through the manual of your car and learn about all safety features it has. Not just tips for emergency situations, your car manual can also tell you about maintenance issues that can affect your car’s behavior on the road no matter how good a driver you are

8.  恶劣天气时小心使用刹车 Use brakes with caution in bad weather:You should always brake smoothly in bad weather. This is especially important if you’re on the highway, driving at a high speed. The car would just slip if you abruptly push the brake pedal with full force. Always apply the brakes slowly and let the car slow down before bringing it to rest.

7. 注意观察路况特征 Be mindful of tough spots on the road:If you commute on the same road to your college, office or anywhere else every day, you can almost certainly remember the tough spots. These tough spots can have sharp turns, icy areas, bridges, ditches, intersections, etc. A safe driver understands the nuances of his/her regular track very well. It will also help you change your track under adverse weather conditions, if needed.

6. 累了要及时休息 When you’re tired, you need to halt and take rest:After driving for hours on the highway, a driver loses his/her concentration on the road because of fatigue. Fatigue brings drowsiness and that is life threatening when driving. But hey, all you need to do is to stop driving after every 2-3 hours and take rest. Once you’re out of the car, you can make a reasonable decision if you should sleep, eat something or continue on your journey.

5. 开车时不要做各种动作 Say ‘No’ to multi-tasking:If you think that you can do business using your latest smartphone or chat with your pals and still be able to keep your full attention on the road while driving, you are putting your life in peril. The truth is, distractions like mobile phones or make-up accessories (for females) always make you a ‘less efficient’ driver ! Try not to fiddle with your music system or eat snacks with one hand on the steering wheel.

4. 多学习他人实际安全行车经验 Practice safe driving:It is a good idea to go for supervised driving sessions at a local driving school if you do not have sufficient driving experience. It is especially important for teenagers to understand safe driving tips, skills and techniques. Getting regular feedback from parents and driving instructions can help a great deal. Parents should personally speak to instructors and get their feedback on how their ward behaves on the road.

3.高科技不是万能 Hi-tech features are not always there when you need them:Never have a sense of security on road that’s based on technology alone! No matter what kind of electronic stability control or all-wheel drive features your car has got, in the end it’s you who has to be in control of the vehicle. Ditches, snow covered roads, sharp bends and unpredictable behavior of fellow drivers – it is you who has to handle these situations, not technology!

2. 不要太接近其他车辆 Don’t get very close to other vehicles:Whether you’re speeding on a highway or you’re moving few meters a minute in a traffic jam, you must never get too close to other vehicles. If the vehicle ahead of you stops abruptly, you can end up crashing into it. It is advisable to maintain a ‘safe distance’ based on the popular 3-seconds rule. No matter what your current speed is, your car should take have buffer time of at least 3-seconds to stop ramming into another vehicle ahead of you.

1. 开车时集中注意力 Keep your mind in control:Whether you’ve had a bad day at office or home, you need to keep your head cool when driving on the road. Most accidents when people lose focus due to depression or trauma. This is why people are advised not to drink and drive as it prevents you from keeping control on your mind. If people overtake you, let them and don’t get angry. Safe driving tips are not about participating in a race. It is about arriving home every day and having all those beautiful moments with all family members.


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